DIY FISHING GAME- Fun and cute, with a touch of masculinity to appeal to more residents.

Have you been searching the internet in hopes of finding an inexpensive way to create an indoor fishing activity? Well, Look no further!

Although this game may not be quite as exciting as zipping through the water in your fishing boat, trying to find just the right spot to cast, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

“Floor Fishing” has proven to be a huge success with both our male and female residents.

The activity is extremely inexpensive to make, which is perfect because that is typically what I’m looking for in a DIY project. The only warning I should offer is that creating this game is somewhat time consuming and repetitive.

I assure you though, as soon as your fingers stop being sore from attaching 200 zip ties through pieces of foam noodles, and all of the tiny burns from the hot glue have healed, it will be well worth it!

Happy Fishing!

What you will need:

  • Pool Noodles (3 green, and 2 orange)
  • 200 Zip Ties (If you make ‘seaweed’ you will need a little more depending on how many hooks you add to them)
  • 4 Plastic Hangers (preferably the same colour)
  • A Children’s Sized Fishing Rod 
  • 200 Googly Eyes
  • Heavy Duty Wire Cutters
  • Knife
  • Permanent Marker
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Electrical Tape

Step 1

Cut pool noodles into 3 inch sections. You should end up with 20 ‘fish’ per pool noodle.

Step 2

Insert 2 zip ties, one on each side of the pool noodle sections that you will be using as ‘fish’.

If you’d like to make the game slightly more challenging, you can put aside some green pieces to use as ‘seaweed’.

*To make the seaweed, attach extra zip ties to some of the green sections, and skip Step 3.


Step 3

Use a glue gun to attach googly eyes to the ‘fish’.

*TIP: use a small amount of hot glue, and dab it on the back of the googly eyes, then attach to the pool noodle. If you are not careful during step number 3, the hot glue may melt into the pool noodle.

Step 4

Use a permanent marker to write assorted point values on the inner edges of the ‘fish’.

Orange fish should range from 5-25 points.

Green fish should range from 30-50 points.

*For some extra excitement, add a few green ‘trophy fish’ worth 75 and 100 points.

Step 5

Cut the top hook sections off of 4 plastic hangers using heavy duty wire cutters.

Step 6

Use a glue gun to attach the hanger tops back to back, in order to replicate the shape of a 4 prong fishing hook.

Step 7

Attach ‘hook’ securely to fishing line using a series of knots, then wrap the top of the ‘hook’ with electrical tape to ensure that any sharp edges are concealed.

How To Play:

Set residents up in either a large circle, or a line. Spread the ‘fish’ out in a scattered line in front of the resident who is getting ready to cast.

On a players turn, they will cast and reel in as many times as it takes for them to catch something. If they hook, and manage to reel in more than one fish on a single cast, they receive the combined score of the fish.

If a player catches a piece of seaweed, it is worth zero points. Seaweed counts as a catch, therefor if the resident catches a piece of seaweed, and nothing else, they receive a score of zero, and it becomes the next players turn.

If possible, use a large dry erase board, draw a chart, and track resident scores. Keep residents updated as to who appears to be in the lead, and encourage them to try to catch up to that player. You can play as many rounds as you would like, and when you are finished, the winner is determined by the player who acheived the highest score of all of the rounds combined.

*TIP: Some residents may find it challenging to cast the line. You can accommodate these residents by releasing the line for them, and placing the hook on the ground at the end of the row of ‘fish’. Once you have done this, the resident simply has to reel in the hook, and hope to catch a ‘fish’.

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