Social Distancing and Dice Games

Tip #1: Provide each resident with their own set of required dice to play chosen game.

TIP #2: Clean dice after each activity by soaking in a sink or basin filled with hot water and antibacterial dish soap or other antibacterial cleaning agent.

Tip #3: Seat residents as far apart as possible during games. (Having individual sets of dice will make this easier, as they will no longer have to be within reach of one another to pass the dice.)

Tip #4: Consider purchasing dice trays, as this would allow residents to spread out around a room and rest the tray on their lap to roll their dice onto. Using trays will eliminate the need to sit closely around a single table in order to play dice games.

Tip #5: If residents have been isolated to their rooms, you may still be able to organize small groups of residents who share a hallway section (depending on the layout of your building and using dice trays) to play as a group from their doorways.

Tip #6: Keep track of scores on a large dry erase board, allowing residents to see their scores from a distance.

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