Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air…and on the canvas!

Valentines day is on the way, and it’s always nice to give your residents an opportunity to celebrate through artwork.

The example shown in this tutorial is done in an ombre style, however your residents may choose to paint their background in any colour or pattern they choose. For some residents, it may be less intimidating to simply do a solid background.

Supplies Needed:


Step One: Place lengths of painters tape along the edges of your canvas to create a border.

Step Two: Cut strips of painters tape to create your letters, then press letters firmly onto canvas.

Step Three: Paint Backdrop in desired pattern/colours. (See ombre example below)

Step Four: Gently remove painters tape before your paint has had a chance to fully dry.

Step Four: Allow painting to completely dry.

Step Five: You may notice some areas with rough edges where the paint managed to get under the tape. To correct these imperfections, you can simply use a small flat paint brush along with some white paint to sharpen the lines.

Final Product!



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