Simple Geometric Painting Tutorial

This is a great option for any group of residents you may be working with, as the ‘artist’ can choose any colour combination, or pattern they wish.

You may find that some people will struggle to paint different colours in each section, even with your support. The residents certainly have the option to use the same colour for the entire painting if this will make the experience more enjoyable. No need to worry, a solid coloured background will still provide beautiful results once the tape is removed, and the sharp white lines separate the sections.

What you will need:


Step One: Place lengths of painters tape in various directions across your canvas until you’ve created your desired pattern.

Step Two: Paint all sections.

Step Three: Gently remove painters tape before your paint has had a chance to fully dry.

Step Four: Allow paint to finish drying.

Step Five: You may notice some rough edges where the paint managed to get under the tape in some areas. (See Step 4 photo) To correct these imperfections, you can simply use a small flat paint brush along with some white paint to sharpen these lines.

Final Product!


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