Halloween ‘Candy Toss’ Game

Supplies Needed:

  • Bean Bag Toss Game
  • Bristol Board
  • Paint and Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Mock Candy: Ribbon + Felt + 3x Large Wooden Beads
  • ALTERNATE OPTIONS: Regular Bean Bags OR Candy/ Mini Chocolate Bars

Making The Game:

  • Lay sheet of bristol board over top of your bean bag toss game.
  • Putting slight pressure on the Bristol board, locate the holes underneath and trace them onto the Bristol board. (I chose to use only the top two rows of holes)
  • Draw out your image of the bag and the ‘trick or treater’.
  • Paint.
  • Cut out.
  • Tape your completed Bristol board image onto your bean bag toss game board.

Making The Mock Candy:

  • Place a large wooden bead on a flexible sheet of felt, and roll it up.
  • Tie off the sides using ribbon to create the appearance of a piece of hard candy.
  • Trim the tied off candy edges if necessary, to ensure that they will be able to fit into the hole when tossed.

How To Play:

You can play this game in the same manner that you would typically run your bean bag toss game. If the residents are familiar with a certain set of rules, then there is no need to cause confusion by playing differently.

The main goal of this activity is to add a funny little twist to your regular bean bag toss game, or to give your Halloween party a little extra boost of fun.

*If you prefer, you can simply use your regular bean bags to play the game, rather than creating the mock candy described above.

ALTERNATE WAY TO PLAY: Provide the residents with actual Halloween candy to toss on their turn. Allow them to keep the candy that they manage to get ‘in the bag’.

At the end of the game you can pass out some extra candy to anyone who did not win any during the game.

Due to a wide range of dietary restrictions at my facility, I have chosen not to provide Halloween candy as a prize, but this would certainly be a fun alternative.



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