Painting Rocks To Help Seniors Connect With Their Community.

“Not only will the residents be spreading joy to members of their community, but it is a great opportunity to promote, and draw attention to your facility at the same time!” MemoryCareMatters.Ca

A few weeks ago I took my children to our local park, and they immediately spotted a rock that had been painted. I assumed it belonged to another child that had simply left it behind by mistake, until my daughter picked it up and I saw writing on the back of it.

‘My towns name’ painted rocks – Facebook – Keep or Hide”

My sons replacement rock

The rock had clearly been painted by a young child, and we were not even sure what the picture was supposed to be, but I know that I felt excited that we had found this ‘treasure’ before anyone else had. The rock was placed there to make someone’s day a little more special, and it did just that.

My children were beaming with pride that they were the ones to find this ‘special’ rock.

I looked up the group name on Facebook, and quickly realized that many people from my community were in on this special sort of game that I had previously known nothing about.

We went home, and almost immediately started painting rocks together…

I couldn’t believe how relaxing and enjoyable it was to carefully paint these special rocks, knowing that a child might find them, and beam with pride as my children did.

Maybe your community does not already do this, and if you are lucky, they don’t.

…This could give you, and your residents the opportunity to be the ones to start the project in your community.

How to give your residents the best ‘Painted Rocks’ experience?!

-If able, encourage residents to pick out their own rocks from the property. *consider organizing a short nature walk to choose rocks as a group.

-Encourage residents to express themselves through their rock paintings.

-If able, provide residents with an opportunity to hide their own rocks within their community. (Either on/near the property, or preferably at a nearby park or walkway.)

-Set up a public Facebook group with the title : ” ‘Your facility’s name’ Painted Rocks”

-Write the name of your Facebook group on the back of the rocks, or the name of your facility’s current Faceook page, if you have one. Then request that the person who finds the rock post a picture of it in the group. (The residents will be thrilled to see who is finding their rocks.)

-Check in with the residents regularly, updating them on which rocks have been located, and by whom. People will generally post a photo of the rock, and let you know whether they have chosen to keep, or hide the rock again.

The cost of this activity is so minimal, and is so much fun.

Since joining the ‘Painted Rocks’ group in my area, I feel so much more connected with my community, and so will your residents.

Not only will they be spreading joy to members of their community, but it is a great opportunity to promote, and draw attention to your facility at the same time!

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