‘Pictionary’ In Memory Care -A quick, fun, flexible activity.

I love activities that give the residents an opportunity to poke fun at me. If you are hesitant to try this one because you aren’t confident in your drawing skills, don’t let that stop you. In my experience, the drawings that are horrible are the ones that get the most chuckles. I like to joke that I purposely draw them poorly to make the game more challenging…

Start with very basic drawings when doing this activity in memory care.

If the residents find the first couple of drawings much too easy, you can always state that those were the warm up drawings, and it’s time to move on to something more challenging.

I like to joke about how awful my drawings are, especially when the residents are struggling to guess them. If I have already stated how poor my drawing abilities are, then it provides me with an opportunity to shift any embarrassment away from the residents if they are struggling to guess a common object. I will give a few hints, and if everyone is still struggling, I can poke fun at myself by saying something along the lines of “OK, I’ll definitely have to practice that drawing for next time…It was supposed to look like a lamp, but I didn’t do a very good job on it. Let’s try something else.”

This activity has such great flexibility…

You can adjust the level of difficulty based on the residents that have chosen to participating on that particular day.

This activity can also be played as a quick time filler, or for a longer block of time if the residents are enjoying themselves.

TIP: Search “Pictionary word lists” in google images to find a variety of helpful word lists.


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