Long Word – Short Word

This is a great intellectual activity that requires minimal preparation, and can be done as a short, timed program, or left to run it’s course as a longer activity.

Equipment Required:

-Large Dry Erase Board

-Dry Erase Markers

How is ‘Long Word – Short Word’ Played?

-Choose a long word to write at the top of the board.

-Ask the residents, as a group, to come up with as many words as possible, using the letters from the long word.

-If the long word only has one of a certain letter, then the shorter words cannot use multiples of that letter.

-If you have a short amount of time that you’d like to fill, you can set a timer, and tell the residents that you will all work together and see how many words you can come up with in the allotted time.

-On the dry erase board, you will write down all of the words that the residents come up with during the allotted time.

-Once the group can no longer come up with any new words, OR your timer runs out, you will count the number of words you were able to come up with using just the one large word.


You can print off a list of all of the words that can be found in the long word. This will allow you to give the residents hints when things start to slow down.

I’ve provided a link below to one of the sites that will allow you to type in the word that you are planning to use, and be provided with a list of all of the words within that word. https://www.wordplays.com/words-in-a-word/

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