Warming Up The Walls In Long Term Care -A step by step tutorial

Bare walls in long term care can feel cold, and impersonal.

As much as we would all love to spend a fortune on beautiful decorations, it’s often just not in the budget.

I have seen some beautiful feature walls online, with oversized scrabble style pieces spelling out family names, with photos in frames surrounding them.

I wanted to try something similar, but I knew it would not be practical to attempt to use all of the resident names. The goal was to make the bare walls feel a little more playful, but still clean and classy.

I decided to make large laminated ‘scrabble’ style letters, about 6 inches high by 6 inches wide. To make it clear and easy to read. I chose to use 2 word combinations, and separated them by sections of resident photo collages.

I have always admired the way a colleague of mine had filled the walls on her floor of the building with fun photos of the residents enjoying themselves, and laughing during activities and musical entertainment.

It’s not uncommon to overhear a resident with dementia telling their loved ones that they never attend activities, or that there is nothing fun going on in the building. Unfortunately, the resident simply doesn’t remember having attended the activities. This confusing can leave family members feeling guilty and concerned that their loved one is not being reached.

Having photographs of the residents enjoying the activities posted right on the wall is a great way to reassure the family members that their loved on is in fact attending, and enjoying the activities.

Seeing photos of the residents laughing and having fun has a way of adding a sense of warmth and fun to the walls.

I chose to incorporate this idea into my word art project, by separating the word sections with photo collages.

For confidentiality reasons, I will not be posting examples of the completed collages, however I will include a step by step tutorial, and mock up of what one of the collages would look like once completed, as well as a tutorial for making the letter block squares.

Letter Block Tutorial:

Word Art Results:

‘Photo Frame’ Tutorial:


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